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Warmly congratulating Gelinmei Xiaozhen on successfully listing on AEEx

2018-01-10 10:08:03

On January 9, 2018, Greenmead Township (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Green Town) formally signed the AEEx Registered Member Services Agreement with Asian Securities Exchange Group Co., Ltd. ) Co., Ltd. was held. The signing ceremony of the signing ceremony signaled that Greenmeath Town officially started its journey toward the capital market and will actively introduce overseas capital in its future development strategy, setting a new milestone for the rapid development of Greenmead Town.

Present at the signing ceremony are: Mr. Wang Xiangyu, Chairman of Asian Equity Exchange Group, Mr. Zheng Yuanqing, founder and chairman of Greenmead Town, and Luo Wentian, general manager of Greenmead Town, who witnessed the launch of Amex important moment.

(Picture: Zhengmei Qing, founder / chairman of Greenmead Township, and Mr. Wang Xiangyu, chairman of Asian Equity Exchange Group)

Green US town (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to creating a green and healthy Internet + agro-ecological platform. With its unique F2F + C2F and reverse O2O Internet operation modes, the company links 100,000 agricultural + family farms with upstream and downstream agricultural chains and builds a "offline experience + online purchase" through internet technology such as big data. Of the agro-ecological platform to achieve the transformation of traditional agriculture development. Through 360 lines of cross-border integration, and then to better meet the people to eat, drink, play, music, living, transportation and other consumer needs, to create a high-innovation, high value, high profit 100 billion level Internet + agro-ecological platform.


(Picture: Zhengmei Qing, founder / chairman of Greenmead Township, and Samuel Goldstein, assistant chairman of the board of directors of Asian Equity Exchange Group)

With the latest thinking of cyberspace as the engine, Greenmead Town is driven by big data and cloud computing to reshape the internet + agro-ecological platform, seamlessly link family farms and urban families, and bring consumers the most safe and affordable agricultural products and delicacies Food for investors to create sustainable wealth protection.

(Pictured: a photo taken by both parties signed)

Listed AEEx for Greenmead town, is conducive to enhancing the comparability of enterprises with their international counterparts, to a greater extent to enhance the visibility of enterprises, to promote better development of enterprises in the international market; companies listed overseas, will inject new business development Vitality, greatly enhance the brand premium ability and business development capabilities. I wish Greenwood town to achieve more fruitful results!