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Company Profile

LSGJ B.Mount International Holdings co., Ltd.

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems to make the limited information they have publicly available. This category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to AEEx disclosure rules.。
LSGJ Company Name:B.Mount International Holdings co., Ltd. Company Name Shorthand: B.Mount International
Director: Xiao Fei Date of Incorporation: 2018-04-26
Website: http://www.globalbluecafe.com
Business: Catering management; business management consulting services. (Excluding the items required to be approved before registration by laws, administrative regulations, and State Council decisions) Poultry, eggs and aquatic products, dried fruits, nuts, dairy products, prepackaged foods, bulk foods, cooked foods, meat products, cakes, sweets, Sugar, bread, grain and oil, rice, noodle products and edible oil, non-alcoholic beverages, tea, alcoholic beverages wholesale and retail; dessert production an
Main Business: Coffee meal chain, unmanned intelligent coffee bar, unmanned intelligent vending machine, coffee shop
Place of Registration: British Virgin Islands
Date of Listing: 2017-12-27 Email: 3297598909@qq.com Industry: Food and beverage service activities
Registered Capital:US$100,000.00 Tel: 0755-26600604 Fax: 0755-26600604
Company Profile:
B.Mount International Holdings Co, Ltd is based on the coffee association platform, integrating the fine resource of coffee industry supply chain. Base on B.Mount’s core value: “Best cafe meal Best service, the company is going to create a new comprehensive coffee industry model including these sections: Coffee products , cafe meal service, physical distribution networks/intelligent technology and capital operation. With the combination of these factors mention above, B. Mount is going to star a new era of coffee industry, creating a brand new commercial model, and be a leading enterprise in China’s coffee industry.
Item / Date
Net Income
Net Income Growth
Operating Income
Operating Income Growth %
50.55 38.92 17.73 18.95 26.28 50.75 58.05 3.81 -48.29

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Year 1st Quarter Report Mid-Year Report 3rd Quarter Report Yearly Report
Expiration Date Shareholders Percentage Held(%)
2018-04-26 DavidXiao 63
2018-04-26 Xingchen Co., Ltd 12
2018-04-26 Chinese Times Co., Ltd 10
2018-04-26 Guotai Base Industry Co., Ltd 10
2018-04-26 Riyue Co., Ltd 5
Name Position Hold the Position Since
Riyue Co., Ltd CEO 2018-01-05
Joseph Wang executive CEO 2018-01-05
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