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Company Profile

CPRC Coolpaul Holdings Group Limited

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems to make the limited information they have publicly available. This category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to AEEx disclosure rules.。
CPRC Company Name:Coolpaul Holdings Group Limited Company Name Shorthand: Coolpaul
Director: Liu Xin Date of Incorporation: 2018-02-05
Website: www.kaopuzhiye.com
Business: Realty agency and agents; Realty marketing planning; Realty information consulting services; Decoration engineering design; Domestic matchmaking service; Realty investment consultation; Cleaning service; Ceremonial celebrations service; Secondhand car information consulting; Business information consultation; Enterprise marketing planning; Enterprise management consulting; Corporate image design; Market research; Drinks, software, office supplies, food, daily provisions, family planning supplies
Main Business: Realty Agency
Place of Registration: seychelles
Date of Listing: 2018-01-24 Email: 41825894@qq.com Industry: Real estate activities
Registered Capital:Us $150000 Tel: 024-66806555 Fax:
Company Profile:
Founded in Nov. 2016, CoolPaul (Liaoning) Realty Agency Limited (CoolPaul Realty) is a full-service real estate agent. With the innovative concept of “Community O2O” to build an advanced “Internet real estate”platform, the company offers services to customers across China and even the whole world. CoolPaul Realty is committed to providing professional services in real estate, including new home transactions, second-hand properties, investment consulting, overseas property, financial service, house decoration and life services. At present, CoolPaul Realty owns 177 directly operated stores in total and 2,322 employees, covering its business over provinces including Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei and Hainan at a high-speed growth rate. Based in North East China, CoolPaul Realty, a people-oriented property broker, officially launched its plan to list on the Nasdaq Stock Market on Dec. 29, 2017, representing an expansion into the world market.
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Net Income
Net Income Growth
Operating Income
Operating Income Growth %
50.55 38.92 17.73 18.95 26.28 50.75 58.05 3.81 -48.29

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2019-02-01 Positive Energy Limited 48
2019-02-01 Newpoch Limited 20
2019-02-01 Liu Xin 15
2019-02-01 Every Limited 13
2019-02-01 Grow Up Limited 4
Name Position Hold the Position Since
Liu Xin Chairman and president 2018-01-24
Chen Di Vice president 2018-01-24
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