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AEEx Membership

1.Why Select AEEx

Asian Equity Exchange (AEEx) is an intercontinental equity exchange and a service platform for Asian companies to release information of equity investment and financing. It is funded and operated by Asian Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd. The service center of AEEx is in Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia.

This platform is also an effective complement to other OTC markets worldwide in business functions, service means and financing channels. By working with its partners globally, AEEx provides its listed companies with equity financing means through domestic and overseas channels and offers nurturing, pre-listing tutoring, incubating and supporting services which facilitate their transfer of listing to international capital markets.

By fully leveraging its experience in Internet finance operations, global resources and professional consultancy, AEEx offers a series of solutions including equity information release, equity financing promotion and international pre-listing tutoring to numerous start-ups and growing companies that currently fail to meet requirements for listing on main boards. It assists them to finance through domestic and foreign channels, funding their operations and development, and facilitates their transfer of listing to international capital markets as public companies.

2.Financing by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: from Debt Financing to Equity Financing
2.1 Debt financing: high threshold, high costs and difficult to borrow money. An enterprise has to pay the principal and interest under great pressure and thus carries heavy burdens and has difficulty developing and expanding.
2.2 Equity financing: low threshold, low costs and high efficiency. An enterprise does not have to pay the principal and interest. With the assistance from investors who have confidence in the prospect of its development for achieving common development, the management is able to focus on the development of the enterprise.

3.A qualified applicant for AEEx membership shall:
3.1 be duly organized and validly existing under relevant laws and regulations in a country or region in Asia;
3.2 have a good business reputation and operating performance and comply with professional ethics;
3.3 have a high quality and stable team of management and operation;
3.4 have a sustainable operating project with a good return expectation;
3.5 including its subsidiaries not breach any law or regulation in a material respect or receive any administrative penalty from regulatory or other departments in the past 24 months;
3.6 acknowledge and comply with relevant rules and pay relevant listing service fees in accordance with the rules;
3.7 pass the qualification review by AEEx;
3.8 meet other standards required by AEEx.

4.Membership Grades
AEEx manages listed companies by board and sets up three listing grades (AEExQP, AEExQG, AEExQI) based on factors including service functions, information disclosure and company admission standards of different boards. A company applying for listing on AEEx may select a suitable listing grade based on its conditions and standards for different grades to meet its own needs.

Membership Grades

Board Type International Board Domestic Board
Listing Grade AEEx QP AEEx QG AEEx QI
Listing Requirement Code Registration Code
2 to 5 English letters 2 to 5 English letters 2+XXXXX
1. be duly organized under laws and validly operating for 2 years or more;
2. have made profits for 2 consecutive years or more, with profit for the previous year exceeding $500,000;
3. have the latest 2 years of international accounting standards audit report;
4. have been no lawful operation record in the last year.
1. no profit requirement; be duly organized under laws and validly operating for 1 year or more;
2. have the latest years of international accounting standards audit report;
3. have been no lawful operation record in the last year.
1. be duly organized and validly operating under laws and validly operating for 1 year or more;
2. have an internal audit report for the most recent year in China
an overseas corporate structure a legal opinion issued by a law firm acknowledged by AEEx.
Service Equity information release
Investment capital connection
Management consulting and restructuring
Pre-listing tutoring
Equity information release
Investment capital connection
Management consulting
Enterprise information release
Development plan presentation
Financing possibility seeking
Management consulting

Membership Registration Procedures

It takes two to three months for an enterprise to go through the whole process from applying for listing to approval of application to listing successfully.

The procedure is specified as follows:

Step Content
1 Select sponsor institution in listing business, law firm, financial auditing firm, asset appraisal company, secretarial company and so on.
2 Prepare documents, fill out the application form of AEEx, and receive notice of acceptance;
3 Build an equity structure of listed company that fulfills the requirements of AEEx.
4 Hire a designated law firm of AEEx to submit a legal opinion report;
5 Hire an international CPA financial auditing firm to issue a financial auditing report of the listed company;
6 Hire an asset appraisal company to issue a report, which is the foundation for issuing shares and formulating the market value of listed company;
7 Submit the business plan and financing prospectus;
8 Complete the listing process, issue shares and formulate stock issue price;
9 Raise funds globally

Asian Equity Exchange Member Service Management Handbook
1.Asian Equity Exchange (AEEx) reserves the copyright over the rules and reference data published and updated from time to time on the AEEx website.
2.Asian Equity Exchange endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided, but does not guarantee its accuracy and reliability and accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from any decision, action or non-action based on or in reliance upon information contained in the AEEx website.

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Enterprise basic infomation

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