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About Us

About Asian Equity Exchange

Asian Equity Exchange (AEEx) is an intercontinental equity exchange and a service platform for Asian companies to release information of equity investment and financing. It is funded and operated by Asian Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd. The service center of AEEx is in Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia.

By providing companies in the Asia-Pacific region with opportunities for seeking equity investment and financing, AEEx serves as a significant component and an important link of the multi-layered capital markets in Asia.

It complements these capital markets by creating an authoritative intercontinental equity information platform. This platform is also an effective complement to other OTC markets worldwide in business functions, service means and financing channels. By working with its partners globally, AEEx provides its listed companies with equity financing means through domestic and overseas channels and offers nurturing, pre-listing tutoring, incubating and supporting services which facilitate their transfer of listing to international capital markets.

By fully leveraging its experience in Internet finance operations, global resources and professional consultancy, AEEx offers a series of solutions including equity information release, equity financing promotion and international pre-listing tutoring to numerous start-ups and growing companies that currently fail to meet requirements for listing on main boards. It assists them to finance through domestic and foreign channels, funding their operations and development, and facilitates their transfer of listing to international capital markets as public companies.

AEEx adopts the philosophy of “professional services, market-based operations and international development” and adheres to the principles of “justice, fairness and openness”. On such basis, it integrates global capital and works with providers of a wide range of services. It complies with market rules and norms and strengthens information disclosure regulations over its listed companies. Through such efforts, AEEx provides growing and innovative companies with diversified and professional services, and international professional investors with quality, open and diverse investment opportunities.

AEEx Operating Structure

Our Advantages

Listing in AEEx

Domestic and foreign financing channel

Asset Securitization

International listed Public company

Tax-free equity trading

International brand image

Easy to board, international listing

The AEEx listed companies are listed on the oversears counterparts, docking international capital markets, financing channels, and large volume, which can simutaneously achieve dual-channel financing between domestic and foreign investors The enterprise’s tangible and intangible assets changed into stocks, maximizing the assets by changing into securities. The stock could be issued and the number of shareholders is not limited. The listed company is in strict accordance with the requirements of AEEx such as information disclosure, which creates information transparency, therefore establishes investor confidence. Companies can issue shares legally using offshore companies after building shareholding structures. According to the International Corporation Law and AEEx listing requirements, the equity tradings are tax-free. Company is listed on AEEx, which is the Intercontinental Equity Exchange operated by an US publicly listed corporation. The listed company strictly complies with the requirements of the AEEx, for example, the legal procedures, the disclosure of financial reports, the information announcement, and legal opinion provided by a third party, which creates credibility, influence and is helpful for the enterprises’ external publicity and market development. After fulfilling the requirements of overseas listing and establishing equity framework, and receiving approval from foreign third-party appraisal company , auditing firm and law firm, you can be listed outside the board through professional counseling at any time.

Advantages in Capital Resources

AEEx seeks proper investors and facilitates quick financing for enterprises and their entering into international capital markets. Currently, AEEx is an intercontinental equity information platform and a bridge between project companies and investors, connecting international capital markets among countries in Asia.

Advantages of Professional Teams

AEEx equity financing service teams have professionals from international stock exchanges, international investment banks, institutional investors, accounting firms and law firms. Members of these teams are capable capital operators with rich experience in project financing, equity securitization and operation in international securities main board markets.

Advantages of International Cooperation